Octave Systems Releases New Robotic Duplicator
Posted Jul 29, 2005

Octave Systems has released its new line of Copy Master II Pro Robotic DVD/CD duplicators. Users can copy large volumes of DVDs or CDs via three new models, all with built-in Plextor PX-716A DVD/CD recorders.

The Copy Master II Pro Robotic autoloading arm allows users to set up a duplication job and walk away until it has completed. The new line of autoloaders features an easy-to-read LCD display and a 160GB hard disk drive, and it offers duplicators with four, six, or seven optical recorders. A PC is not required to operate the Pro Robotic line. Depending on the user's needs, 4.7 GB DVDs can be copied at up to 16X, 8.5GB dual-layer DVDs at up to 6X, and CDs at up to 48X, according to Octave Systems.

A new feature of the Copy Master II Pro Robotic autoloader is the Multi-Master Recognition Technology (MMRT), which allows the user to set up and execute multiple duplication jobs without interruption.

Prices for the Copy Master II Pro Robotic line are as follows: $3,600 for a four-drive robotic duplicator, $4,600 for a six-drive robotic duplicator, and $5,100 for a seven-drive robotic duplicator.