ADS Tech Announces New NAS Drive Kit
Posted Aug 4, 2005

ADS Tech has announced a new Network Attached Storage (NAS) Drive Kit. The kit is a 5.25-Inch drive enclosure that converts the user's own 3.5" Ultra ATA hard drive into a NAS device for sharing data, photos, audio, and video across a home or office network.

The $119 kit can be used as an instant network server, an FTP or Web server, or a data back-up server, according to ADS Technologies. It also supports the BitTorrent protocol for peer-to-peer file transfers. With the kit, consumers and small businesses can choose the drive size that meets their requirements and can add it to a wired Ethernet or Wireless 802.11 G network without opening the PC. No user configuration or knowledge of IP addresses is required, ADS reports. An auto-discovery feature automatically adds the NAS device to all attached clients upon connection to the network. LEDs display status such as Power, Network Activity, and Drive Activity.

The NAS Drive Kit enables schools to provide faculty and students with their own server space for personal Web sites. In some instances, students can even use the NAS Drive Kit server to turn in materials. Consumers, schools, and small businesses can also use the Web server to access their files when they're away from home or the office. When used as an FTP server, the NAS device provides consumers with an easy way to share photos and home videos; schools can share research and students can obtain course materials online.

With support for the BitTorrent P2P file-sharing system, NAS Drive Kit users can take full advantage of the faster downloads available with this protocol for large data, audio and video files. Measuring 5.24"(H) x 8.75"(L) x 2.375"(D), the compact kit fits easily on a desktop.

Available from video dealers, e-tailers and distributors with an MSRP of $119, ADS Tech's new NAS Drive Kit supports Windows 98, ME, XP (Home or Professional edition) systems, a Win2000 Server, or a Windows 2003 Server. The complete kit includes the NAS Drive Kit enclosure (HDD not included), a Power Adapter (12V/3A), a drive mounting screw pack, a 6-ft. Ethernet cable, an installation CD, and a manual as well as a user guide.