Condre Announces Network-Attached CD/DVD Creator
Posted Aug 9, 2005

Condre Technology has announced the upcoming release of its RoboDisc CD/DVD media creation system. RoboDisc is a network-attached CD-R and DVD-R media burn and print appliance designed to function in an office or production environment in the same manner as a typical network printer. RoboDisc allows users to distribute a variety of data types to customers, clients, office associates, and vendors, and facilitates internal use such as data backup.

The RoboDisc system consists of hardware and software components. The hardware component is a network-attached automated robotic media pick and place system with an embedded 2.8 GHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, 100 Base T Ethernet connection, and a 4800 dpi ink jet media printer. The capacity of the robotic system is 120 discs. The system has a desktop footprint that allows it to be integrated in a front office environment or a back room production facility, according to Condre. The software component is a Java desktop application with a GUI interface. The software supports the creation of CDs and DVDs and supports data, music, and ISO formats.

RoboDisc is scheduled for release on or about September 1, 2005.