Abcron Device Safely Stores and Ejects CDs or DVDs from Package
Posted Aug 30, 2005

Abcron Corporation has announced the PlayO Ejector optical disc protector. Designed for long-term disc storage, the Ejector safely suspends the disc in a protective polypropylene case with a trigger mechanism that easily removes the disc for use.

The ergonomically designed Ejector slim CD/DVD case is intended for users who need media packaging that can stand up to rigorous day-to-day use and provide quick and easy disc access, according to Abcron. In addition, the Ejector case is suited for those with arthritis or other debilitating conditions that may make it difficult to extract a disc. By pressing the Ejector trigger, the disc is ejected halfway out of the protector, making it easily accessible for use.

The internationally patented disc case is lightweight and resistant to damage. Stick-on labels can easily be applied to the exterior of the case, or a printed disc can be viewed through the transparent case for easy identification. Although the case is designed to have a long life, once its usefulness is over, it is 100% recyclable.