AudioDev Introduces CATS DVDR Pro
Posted Sep 1, 2005

AudioDev recently released its new analyzer for recordable DVD media, CATS DVDR Pro. It is now possible to measure all DVD formats in one single CATS analyzer, which improves flexibility when changing between production of, for instance, DVD+R and -R. The CATS DVDR Pro can, just like its predecessors, measure both unrecorded and recorded disc signals, making it a useful tool for all quality needs, from QA to process control and also R&D.

The new analyzer is the only reference-class replica analyzer that is aligned with both the DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW formats. It combines the widely accepted CATS de-facto standard signal analyzers for DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW. In addition, AudioDev has also released a new stamper tester - CATS DVDR Stamper Pro which offers the possibility to test stampers and replicas for the recordable and re-writable DVD formats in one single analyzer. The analyzer is suited for detailed process supervision as well as high level developers and offers a comprehensive test-template design and a fully scalable user interface.

As a standard feature, the new stamper analyzer is able to measure ISI jitter (Inter Symbol Interference). ISI measurement, including the unique ISI data-to-clock, is a valuable tool for analyzing the performance of media, drives and write-strategies down to individual symbol combinations. Using CATS for quality control, manufacturers can be sure that their discs will be compatible with the drives on the market, since more than 80% of all drive manufacturers and material suppliers use CATS both for R&D and final QC.