Samsung Offers High-Speed Twin-Tray DVD Recorder
Posted Sep 1, 2005

Samsung, a worldwide innovator of DVD technology, is reinvigorating the DVD-recording category with the introduction of the DVD-TR520, the industry's first sub-$500 twin-tray DVD recorder. Samsung's latest innovation offers consumers the fastest dual-deck DVD recorder available on the market today, allowing disc-to-disc copying at 2X, 4X and up to 6X speeds.

With two DVD trays, the multi-format DVD-TR520 allows users to copy directly from disc to disc at speeds of 2x for -RAM to RAM, 4x for -RW to -RW and up to 6X for -R to -R.. Samsung's twin-tray recorder uses multi-format technology that allows flexibility in the face of competing recording formats. DVD-R's non-contact optical pick-up allows each disc to be scratch-free for repeated use, and it can adapt to DVD-RW for playback on other players. It also allows for a mixed storage of video, audio and additional types of data from PC and AV products. The DVD-TR520 will be available in late September for 449.99.