Digital-Tutors Releases Paint Effects Training Title
Posted Sep 15, 2005

Digital-Tutors has announced the availability of its Introduction to Paint Effects training kit, the newest release in a growing library of training resources for emerging digital artists. Introduction to Paint Effects provides over 4 hours of project-driven training and guides users step-by-step through Maya's powerful brushed-based technology, Paint Effects. 

Designed for students, enthusiasts, and professionals, integrating Maya Paint Effects into their creative workflow, Introduction to Paint Effects provides an interactive approach to learning Maya Paint Effects and unleashes the user's creativity.

Topics covered in Introduction to Paint Effects include a thorough understanding and overview of the Paint Effects system, toon rendering with Paint Effects brushes, modifying existing textures using Paint Effects, connecting brush strokes to surfaces, efficiently using Paint Effects animation utilities, optimizing scenes and using the Mesh Brush to create 3D objects, creating a potted plants entirely from Paint Effects, building a trees from scratch, developing light based and control curve based effects with secondary animations, and several additional topics designed to boost your creativity and understanding of Maya Paint Effects.

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