NCI Introduces Rimage Everest Printable CD-R/DVD-R Discs
Posted Nov 10, 2005

North Coast Interactive (NCI) has introduced its Everest printable media, which according to the company is the first low-cost media specifically designed for optimal edge-to-edge print performance using Rimage Everest I and II printers. This breakthrough design is based on a dual-coating process which provides both a smooth, glossy bright white top coat as well as a thermal protective base coat which is guaranteed to hold the outside edge of any printed image.

This coating system is applied at NCI's Cleveland, Ohio facility to exacting specifications and is guaranteed by NCI to outperform any disc currently on the market for overall print quality.

The discs are currently available in 50-disc trial packs and 600-disc cases. Current pricing on CD-R and DVD-R versions can be found in NCI's online store. Free samples and special pricing on bulk orders are also available for qualified business end users or distributors. To obtain a free sample or bulk pricing quote, contact NCI by email via the online store page. Provide your business name, address, reason for testing, and approximate monthly/yearly usage.