Facilis Technology Keeps Growing with 12TB Servers
Posted Dec 19, 2005

Facilis Technology, a provider of media sharing storage for post-production and content creation, has announced a new version of its 24D TerraBlock shared storage system. This upgrade utilizes the latest in high-capacity SATA II disk drives, optimized through high-performance custom software.

With this 12TB upgrade, Facilis Technology brings affordable high-end shared storage system to new levels of scalability, supporting up to 48TB and 16 uncompressed HD clients on a single network. Built on a server-direct architecture, the TerraBlock combines intelligent drive management with lower-cost SATA II drive technology and dedicated optical fiber channel connectivity.

It employs the best attributes of SAN and network-attached storage to create a simple, high-performance system that is reliable and easy to use. The base server unit combines the server, storage and direct connections for fibre clients, which in most cases avoids the need for an expensive external switch.

The 12TB 24D TerraBlock also comes equipped with Facilis Migration, the data management software that makes Avid project movement easy. The TerraBlock solution supports all Avid, Apple, and Adobe nonlinear editoring, graphics and effects applications, and works with Windows 2000 and XP, Mac OS9 and OSX clients.

The 12TB 24D TerraBlock is currently shipping and is available through www.facilistech.com, their regional distributors and resellers. With multi-user TerraBlock systems starting under US$15,000, post-production facilities worldwide can benefit from turnkey shared storage networks.