Cornice Launches Smallest-Ever HDD-Based Personal Storage Reference Design
Posted Jan 5, 2006

Cornice Inc. has announced the smallest-ever hard drive-based personal storage reference design, which incorporates the Company's new storage offering -- the Dragon Series 8GB micro hard drive. This reference design, called Dragon Tail, allows consumer electronics (CE) OEMs a faster time-to-market option and the expertise and knowledge of the Cornice design team.

Dragon Tail brings the convenience of a USB stick and the huge capacity of external hard drive storage together in a device that can now truly be carried around comfortably in your pocket. The product can retail for about $18.50 per gigabyte -- four times cheaper than Flash's $80 per gigabyte retail price point.

Dragon Tail, roughly the size of a matchbook, is designed to withstand the extreme abuse of daily operation in a pocket-able environment and operates exactly like the popular Flash based USB sticks but with at least four times the capacity at the same price point. Without the capacity and write speed limitations of Flash, computer backup, complete MP3/Video library storage, picture storage from digital cameras, and even home/work computer synchronization is now possible. Larger capacity at an affordable price opens up a whole new world of consumer usage models that will be exploited by Cornice's OEM customers.

The Dragon Tail reference design is available now and is priced at $10,000 for the complete manufacturing design data plus 25 samples for qualification. Email Cornice's sales staff at or call (303) 651-7291.