Acronova Technology Launches QQboxx, Offering Interleave Multiple-Master Duplication and Additional Features for DupliQ
Posted Jan 5, 2006

Acronova Technology, a manufacturer of CD and DVD duplicators, has release the QQboxx, an enhanced CD and DVD duplication software suite for its portable-size, USB connected, automated CD/DVD burner, DupliQ. The QQboxx is packed with auto-loader support and several feature-rich duplication features that were previously found only among expensive professional automated duplicating systems.

"The QQboxx works seamlessly with DupliQ to provide automated disc-reading and -writing features for Disc-to-Disc, Image-to-Disc, Disc-to-Image and Data-to-Disc applications. The user-friendly interface offers a step-by-step graphical display to enhance and simplify the user experience. By only a few clicks at your computer, through the USB 2.0 port the DupliQ connected to it can automatically Copy, Emulate, Quick Erase, Copy and Verify, Emulate and Copy, Emulate plus Copy and Verify discs at your wish," said Ming Liu, CEO of Acronova Technology.

"The intelligent Interleave Copy and Batch Copy of QQboxx will instruct DupliQ to one-by-one pick up discs from the storage bin, feed it to the CD and DVD recorder, read or write it, and so on, until all the discs are treated. For users who need to make one or more copies of several master discs, the Interleave Copy and Batch Copy features can effectively reduce the number of man hours and eliminate human errors," said Wesley Lin, assistant sales manager of Acronova Technology.

With its patent-pending design, DupliQ is equipped with a 25-disc storage bin for stacking the master and blank discs. Users may load the storage bin with 120mm, 80 mm and business-card discs of CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW formats. QQboxx supports the reading and writing of following disc format: Data CD (Mode1 and 2), CD-DA (Audio CD), Video CD, Super Video CD, UDF, ISO9660, CD Extra, Photo CD, DVD Data, and DVD Video.

QQboxx for Windows XP/2000 is immediately available for bundling shipment with DupliQ automated CD and DVD recording system at an MSRP of $699 and $799 (for CD and DVD, individually). The DVD version reads and writes both CD and DVD, while the CD version works with only CD.