411 DV: Web Resources for Non-Linear Editors
Posted Aug 1, 2003

Have a question on the latest nonlinear editing software? Need a hard-to-find piece of video editing equipment? Or are you just starting out in the field of digital video and need some direction? . Like virtually every other topic imaginable, the digital video field has seen an explosion of online resources, discussion groups, and chat areas to help both neophytes and seasoned pros achieve their goals more effectively and do their jobs more efficiently. Here, we'll take a look at ten sites that specialize in digital video, though each offers its own unique features from user forums to tutorials to sales. (And don't forget about EMedia's own site, www.emedialive.com, which offers twice-weekly breaking news, online product "demo rooms," and articles from the magazine.)

Digital Video Editing
One of several sites offered by Digital Media Net, Digital Video Editing offers the latest news and reviews of upcoming products for consumers and professionals. It also provides a well-trafficked user forum that allows a broad range of consumers to post questions and get help from others in the editing field. The site also boasts an extensive NLE Buyer's Guide.

Creative Cow
Seeking help or tips on your latest software purchase? Creative Cow (short for "Creative Communities of the World") offers a collection of user forums on a wide range of video editing software and hardware for both PC and Mac. The site includes a wide range of articles and tutorials for the more experienced user in a vibrant virtual community-type environment. . Creative Cow also boasts among its membership and regular contributors some of the leading experts in DV editing techniques and specific tools, from Final Cut to Avid to Premiere.

Videomaker Magazine
Here you'll find listings of events and workshops that range from classroom instruction to hands-on video production. You can also access an online archive of Videomaker magazine articles, which feature in-depth discussion of DV editing topics and techniques with a hobbyist/enthusiast slant. An area devoted to frequently asked questions and tips to get you started will also keep you current on the latest in desktop video.

About.com's Desktop Video section
As is typical of most About.com's pages, this is a great all-around beginner site. If you're just entering the field of digital video, this Web site provides several articles outlining what equipment is best for you. It also offers a wide range of short tutorials on the planning, shooting, capturing, and editing of digital video to get you started.

Focusing almost exclusively on Macintosh tools, Postforum allows site visitors to exchange ideas, get help and learn from others in the world of digital video post-production through several message boards. These message boards range in topic from film and video editing to animation and hardware; virtually every software and hardware product available for Mac has its own forum.

This Web site's main attraction is an extensive online store featuring the latest digital video products, as well as peripherals and graphics cards. It also includes a busy message board forum, along with reviews and articles on the latest products.

Hi-Tech Enterprises
This site, produced by a professional broadcast video equipment and dealer, specializes in selling, buying, and repairing all types of video equipment. Here you can search for any type of hardware or software, new or used, and you can also list your own used equipment for sale.

DV Magazine
Brought to you by the publishers of DV Magazine, this Web site hosts a multitude of digital video-making articles from the print publication. Here consumers can investigate useful forums and tutorials on everything from cameras and DVD authoring to the ins-and-outs of running a DV business.

This British Web site's focus is on digital camcorders. It provides several useful how-to tips and tutorials to improve your video-making techniques. The site also boasts a well-organized user forum, where you can quickly find help on the latest DV camcorder and much more.

Computer Video Magazine
Though it offers an extensive list of reviews on the latest products, the greatest feature of this Web site is the Tips and Advice section. Here you will find a wealth of information for anyone interested in digital video. The most helpful of which is a series of links to in-depth tutorials on certain video editing software, including Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Premiere.