Print 6 CDs or DVDs At A Time With Verity's Cezanne PRO-6
Posted Oct 11, 2002

The Cezanne PRO-6 is a six-disc CD/DVD printer, combining fast five-color photo-quality printing with an enhanced 2880 dpi resolution. The printer is capable of producing CDs with much finer detail and less graininess than other printers, resulting in outstanding print quality. The Cezanne PRO-6 prints directly onto the surface of CDs, DVDs, CD Business Cards and A3 paper. With its 6 CD caddie, fast print speeds and laser sharp color printing the Cezanne PRO-6 is the ultimate manual CD/DVD printer, capable of printing up to 102 discs per hour at 1440dpi. The printer's rear-fed laminated alloy 6-CD caddie, which is separate from the paper tray, ensures perfect print positioning of up to 6 discs and accurate carriage through the printer. The 6 disc caddie is a great time saving device as 6 discs can be printed unattended in a single session. An optional 10 positional tray allows up to 10 CD business cards to be printed at one time. The Cezanne PRO-6 is both Mac and PC compatible and can also be connected via a USB port. Other benefits on the printer include no banding or streaking on print and a separate black ink cartridge for true black ink quality. The printer comes complete with Discus graphics software. The printer is especially suitable for departments in small to medium sized businesses with a requirement for producing a relatively small to medium number of CDs. The Cezanne PRO-6 can also be combined with one of Verity Systems' CD or DVD Power Tower duplicators enabling users to duplicate and print their own CDs and DVDs in-house.