InterVideo's WinDVD Ships with New NEC PCs
Posted Oct 18, 2002

InterVideo, Inc. has announced a partnership with NEC that means its WinDVD software player is now shipping with computers from 9 of the top 10 PC makers in the world. Previously, WinDVD was bundled by 8 of the top 10 PC OEMs, however NEC recently decided to bundle WinDVD, making that ratio 9 out of 10. Apple is the only top-10 personal computer maker that does not ship computers bundled with InterVideo's WinDVD software. WinDVD 4 includes over 30 new features designed to make watching DVDs on a computer more vivid and theater-like. WinDVD 4 includes improvements in video quality and enhanced audio with new technologies from SRS and Dolby and also adds Video Desktop, which enables users to play movies as desktop wallpaper, behind the desktop's icons and windows; Time-Stretching, which allows a user to play a movie faster or slower without distorting the audio and with full multi-channel audio support; TV Out Support, which makes it easier to use your computer as a living-room DVD player; the ability to play DVD content from a hard drive directory; and a Screen Capture Utility is an integrated browser for easily capturing, saving, and sorting images from DVDs.