Dolby Unveils ``Dolby in PC'' Initiative
Posted Nov 1, 2002

Dolby Laboratories announced its new "Dolby in PC" initiative, a comprehensive overview of how Dolby audio technologies positively affect today's evolution of the personal computer into a home entertainment gateway. As PCs continue to develop as digital entertainment platforms, Dolby Laboratories, the world leader in multichannel audio technologies, is committed to providing PC users the same level of high-quality Dolby surround sound that they now expect from more traditional entertainment-oriented consumer electronics products. The "Dolby in PC" initiative is part of Dolby's strategy to expand its presence in the PC market. The company has been working closely with its licensees and key technology partners on a number of strategic projects, including the NVIDIA Sound Storm program and new premium sound cards from Creative Labs. Dolby has also teamed with its licensees (including CyberLink, InterVideo, and NVIDIA) and with Microsoft to ensure that consumers can access all the features of their DVD player from the new Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 interface. Dolby audio technologies are found in more than 100 million PCs around the world, enriching a host of entertainment experiences, including watching DVDs or listening to stereo content via CDs and MP3 files. Leading-edge PC licensees and manufacturers delivering products that incorporate Dolby technologies include Apple Computer, ATI, Creative Labs, CyberLink, Dell, Fujitsu, Fujitsu-Siemens, Gateway, HP, IBM, InterVideo, MedioStream, Microsoft, NEC, NVIDIA, Packard-Bell, Sonic Solutions, Sony, Sharp, and Toshiba.