Vweb Launching MPEG-1, 2 & 4 Audio/Video/System Encoder and CODEC Chips
Posted Nov 8, 2002

Vweb, a leading provider of MPEG video compression and broadband video networking technologies, has launched two new devices, VW2005 encoder and VW2010 CODEC. These are the world's first MPEG-1, 2, 4 and H.263 Audio/Video/System Encoder and CODEC chips that specifically support interlaced, full-screen DVD resolution MPEG-4 video. VW2010 is the only MPEG CODEC chip capable of transcoding and transrating among MPEG-1, 2, 4, and H.263. VW2005 and VW2010 enable high performance digital entertainment and video over IP applications. The transcoding and transrating capabilities of VW2010 accelerate the mass deployment of broadband video distribution over the last mile for network equipment / video server manufacturers, and service providers. High quality MPEG-4 facilitates home networking over wireless networks. VW2010 and VW2005 support all the major video and audio coding standards including MPEG-1, 2, 4, and H.263 video coding, as well as MPEG-1 L1, L2, MP3, AAC, Dolby AC-3 and G.7xx audio coding. Both chips support Elementary Stream(ES), Packetized Elementary Stream(PES), MPEG-1 System Stream(SS), MPEG-2 Transport Stream(TS), MPEG-2 Program Stream(PS) and MPEG-4 over 2 Transport Stream(TS) for constant bit-rate and variable bit-rate. In addition, VW2010 has an on-chip OSD and graphic unit providing full-featured 5 planes of overlay display. VW2010 is now available with a list price of $35 in quantities of 10KU and VW2005 is also available with a list price of $30 in quantities of 10KU.