DiscMakers Introduces EliteMicro Entry-Level CD/DVD Duplicator
Posted Nov 12, 2002

DiscMakers has released EliteMicro, an automated CD/DVD duplication system from Disc Makers designed to enable studios and independent musicians to bring an automated duplication system in-house, integrating the technology seamlessly into their studio operations. Starting at $1,590, the EliteMicro is a standalone unit with a compact 8 1/2 " x 11" footprint. Units also are available with an in-line Autograph (aka Signature) IV 1200dpi inkjet printer; it can also be connected to any Primera inkjet printer that a studio owner may already own. Available in both CD-R and DVD formats, the 48X EliteMicro duplicates at least 20 CD-Rs or 2 DVD-Rs per hour. Its input and output bins can hold up to 50 discs for greater unattended duplication capacity.  The EliteMicro can be easily connected to any PC (Windows XP or 2000 required) via a FireWire card and cable, and includes basic networking functionality so it can be controlled via any computer or network. The EliteMicro features the Padus DiscJuggler application as well. The CD-R version of the EliteMicro retails for $1,590 and the DVD-R version costs $1,990. The EliteMicro also carries a three-year warranty on robotics, one year on drives, and free "lifetime" technical support.