Create a CD or DVD Label in Seconds with a DYMO LabelWriter
Posted Dec 10, 2002

DYMO, the leading manufacturer of labelmakers for over 40 years, has announced the launch of its CD/DVD label for use with the award winning LabelWriter label printer. Users can now custom design and print a CD/DVD label in seconds, without expensive sheets, inks or toners. Features include printing curved text, images, barcodes, sequential labels, mirrored text, time/date stamping and more. Current disk labeling solutions use expensive ink, toner and sheets of labels. Many users simply want a quick label for their music CD's, photos, file data, personal movies and others, without fancy color artwork. The new CD/DVD label from DYMO makes creating these labels simple and easy. It's the size of a mini disc, fits all CD's and DVD's and is adhered with standard CD applicators available from retail stores nationwide or directly from DYMO. In addition to the new CD/DVD label, the DYMO LabelWriter prints over 40 styles and sizes of professional labels making it a great tool for the office or small business. Users can print all their address, shipping, file folder, name badges and other labels, quickly and easily, right from their PC. Plus, the direct thermal technology of the LabelWriter printer means no ink or toner is ever required to produce clear high-resolution images, text and barcodes.