IMT Introduces DUO 4 Duplicator in U.S.
Posted Dec 20, 2002

IMT Technology the number 1 European designer and manufacturer of CD and DVD duplication and print solutions for professional users, has announced the launch of operations in the USA. IMT will offer a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for distributing, storing and archiving audio, video and data. IMT will provide technical maintenance, account management and sales services in the USA. Their flagship product is the CD/DVD DUO 4 designed on the basis of IMT's RCD 260 (autoload CD/DVD duplication robot), the Epson Technology print module and IMT Duplix software, the DUO 4 manages multitasks job. It operates in full network-controlled configuration.

o Capable of automatically loading up to 260 CD/DVDs, this high-performance robot is equipped with four powerful A05 Pioneer DVD writers or/and four PlexWriter 48/24/48A drives (mixed CD and DVD drives configuration available). Featuring format recognition, DUO 4 can process all leading certified CD/DVD brands.

o Regardless of the network involved, this full-fledged online print and duplication robot permits several local or remote users to share the system. It lets users print or reproduce all CD data, audio, video or mixed formats. DUO 4 is compatible with Windows (95, 98, 2000, NT, XP), Unix and Macintosh (UDF).

o Duplix CD Net is a homegrown IMT software solution that allows users to configure the DUO 4 either for data backup or for distributing information, with the choice of two functions: CD/DVD on demand or duplication production. Available in French or English, Duplix CD Net can be custom-configured to meet user requirements.

o Thanks to its high-capacity ink cartridges, the DUO 4 printer offers very good range, thus minimizing print costs. Capable of printing up to 60 CDs per hour, the robot also boasts maximum resolution of 2880 dpi and 16 million photo-quality colors using the unique Epson 980 Technology.

The CD version has an MSRP of $13,485; the DVD lists for $15,383.
The DUO  4 CD/DVD is available today from IMT or any of its approved distributors and resellers.

Duo 4 CD : $13845
Duo 4 DVD: $15383