VBrick Systems Launches New StreamPlayer Product Suite
Posted Jan 7, 2003

VBrick Systems, Inc., a leader in low-cost, DVD-quality video networking appliances and systems, has announced the immediate availability of a new StreamPlayer product suite. StreamPlayer software, which allows desktop users anywhere on the network to view high quality MPEG streams from VBrick appliances, is available in two versions - StreamPlayer, a free viewing-only component that displays live full screen MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 video in a web page, and StreamPlayer Plus, which is a desktop application and provides live and stored video viewing, as well as recording and clip editing of MPEG streams. The enhanced StreamPlayer offering provides organizations with the ability to stream real-time and stored events to the desktop, in order to provide training to employees, distribute live news to any PC, and save training sessions and lectures for later viewing. Used across a wide range of applications, StreamPlayer helps enterprises increase productivity, enhance learning and improve security and monitoring systems. Importantly, StreamPlayer software supports closed captioning, a vital element for financial services applications and for enterprises, governmental agencies, and schools in their drive to comply with federal and state disability laws (SECTION 508). The enhanced product decreases latency to less than one second, providing virtually instantaneous viewings of live streaming video and improved camera control.