Apple Introduces Final Cut Express, iLife and 17-inch Notebook at MacWorld
Posted Jan 10, 2003

Apple CEO Steve Jobs' January 8 MacWorld keynote featured several digital video product announcements, including Final Cut Express and iLife. Based on Final Cut Pro and optimized for the DV format, Final Cut Express includes all the key features video editors need, such as the same interface and workflow as Final Cut Pro, powerful video editing tools, hundreds of special effects and easy delivery to DVD, web or tape.Video editors can use Final Cut Express to capture, manage and edit digital video; apply transitions, filters and effects in real-time; create titles, composite layers, and produce high-quality graphics and animations; and perform color correction. Final Cut Express projects can be exported for use in iDVD or DVD Studio Pro, saved back to tape, or exported to any QuickTime format, including MPEG-4. Final Cut Express projects can be directly loaded into Final Cut Pro, Apple's nonlinear editing system that supports the entire range of professional editing formats—DV, SD and HD. Final Cut Pro also features a full set of real-time color correction tools, an integrated high-capacity offline format and seamlessly integrated editing, compositing and effects tools for an unparalleled media creation workflow.  Final Cut Express is available through Apple for $299.

Apple also introduced iLife™, an integrated suite of Apple's industry-leading digital lifestyle applications, featuring brand new versions of iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD, and the recently-released iTunes 3. iLife is the only integrated suite to include all of the four applications required for today's "digital lifestyle"—digital music, photography, moviemaking and DVD creation—and is the first product to offer the benefits of seamlessly integrating them. Users can now select music from their iTunes library to use in their iPhoto slideshows, movies or DVD menus from directly within iPhoto 2, iMovie 3 or iDVD 3—without interrupting the creative process by having to switch back and forth between applications. iMovie 3 features pro-quality special effects, including the new "Ken Burns" effect for adding emotionally powerful motion to still photos; powerful new audio editing tools and blockbuster sound effects from Skywalker Sound's seven-time Academy Award winner Gary Rydstrom; pro-quality special video effects such as Aged Film, Letterbox and Earthquake; and the ability to add chapter markers to movies for DVD navigation and scene selection. iDVD 3 includes 24 new pro-quality, Apple-designed, customizable DVD menu themes; automatically created DVD scene selection menus from iMovie chapter markers; and the ability to personalize iDVD 3 themes with personal photos, music and movies using iDVD Drop Zones. The iLife applications will be included with all new Macintosh computers. On January 25, iPhoto 2 and iMovie 3 will be available for free download, and the iLife retail package with a single installer for all four applications will be available January 25 at the Apple Store for $49