QSound Launches QDVD Plug-in For InterVideo's WinDVD
Posted Feb 11, 2003

QSound Labs, Inc., a leading supplier of audio software solutions, and InterVideo, Inc., a leading provider of software for movies, music and DVDs, recently announced the immediate availability of the QDVD plug-in for InterVideo's popular DVD player, WinDVD.  QDVD is available for download from both QSound and InterVideo's Web sites for $14.95.

QDVD is based on QSound's High Definition audio library (QHD).  At the core of QHD is QSound's best-selling audio expansion technology, QXpander, which takes the existing mono or stereo sound information and proportionately applies 3D processing to it, resulting in two-channel stereo output with a dramatically wider perceived sound field.  QHD uses QSound's QRumble and QSizzle( to restore both punch and brilliance to music, bringing the "warmth" of analog playback to digital audio files. QDVD also features QSound's newly developed "Dialog Enhancer", which allows users to improve the dialog intelligibility independent of the remaining soundtrack, addressing the problem of muffled or masked dialog due to competing audio effects.

InterVideo's WinDVD is a software-only DVD player for personal computers, that allows users to playback DVD movies, interactive DVD titles, MPEG audio and video, and audio CDs without the need for an expensive decoder card.

(http://www.qsound.com), (http://www.intervideo.com)