TerraDigital Systems LLC Debuts Wireless Digital Audio Jukebox
Posted Feb 18, 2003

TerraDigital Systems LLC has introduced its TerraPlayer wireless Digital Audio Jukebox product at the on-stage demonstration phase of DEMO 2003.  With a colorful interface and a sound system that delivers full, high-fidelity sound, TerraPlayer is positioned to influence change in the way consumers manage and listen to music.

Unlike other text-based consumer electronics interfaces, TerraPlayer offers a graphical user interface.  TerraPlayer's magic is its TerraTouch OS—a "drag and drop" GUI and LCD touch-screen that displays album cover art or any personalized icons, enabling consumers to select music with the touch of a finger.

A TerraPlayer system, with its custom design and software, consists of two components-the TerraPlayer Base and a TerraPlayer Radio.  The Base acts as the wireless "radio tower" that grabs the digital content from the PC (via a USB connection) or a group of PCs on a LAN (via an Ethernet connection) and communicates with the Radio, which plays the music with sound that's remarkably full and rich. (Users do not have to be network literate to install TerraPlayer.) The Base and Radio typically can be separated up to 500 feet, allowing most consumers to listen to music anywhere in or around their home.  

There are two types of TerraPlayer Radios:  the TerraPlayer TR-100 (Table Radio), and the TerraPlayer CR-100 (Component Radio).  The TerraPlayer TR-100 is a Table Radio that, in addition to its digital audio content access and playback capability, houses a sound system and conventional AM-FM tuner.  For customers who want to listen to music through their existing stereo system, TerraDigital offers its TerraPlayer CR-100, which is a Component Radio that plugs directly into, and plays through, a component stereo system.  TerraPlayer also supports streaming audio for Internet radio.

TerraPlayer is bundled with a PC application that captures and displays automated intelligent music information (metadata)—meaning the album title, artist name and song titles—using recognition technology and related data provided by Gracenote CDDB Music Recognition Service.  All music metadata, including cover artwork, is displayed through the TerraTouch OS.

TerraPlayer will be available for purchase in spring 2003. The TerraPlayer TR-100 will sell for $895. The TerraPlayer CR-100, $795.

(http://www.terraplayer.com), (http://www.gracenote.com/corporate/)