Ulead Video/DVD Software Supports VR Format with On-disc Editing
Posted Feb 28, 2003

Ulead Systems, Inc. and Panasonic recently announced that three new Ulead video editing/DVD authoring products can be used with Panasonic's OEM DVD MULTI drive (Model SW-9571-CYY) to read, edit, and write video created in the Video Recording (VR) format. Ulead DVD MovieFactory 2, VideoStudio 7, and MediaStudio Pro 7 provide "on-disc" editing for VR media that lets users edit directly on a disc to save time and conserve valuable hard disk space. With these VR-enabled products, OEMs can now give consumers who own a DVD-RAM/R camcorder or DVD set top recorder the tools necessary to edit home videos, create DVDs, and watch their finished movies on a variety of entertainment devices.

With read/write support for all recordable DVD formats approved by the DVD Forum (DVD-RAM/R/RW) and read/write support for CD-R/RW discs, the DVD MULTI drive provides users with the convenience of being able to choose the format and capacity that best meets their needs.  When combined with Ulead's VR-enabled video editing software, DVD MULTI drive users can also share content with other entertainment devices. Consumers who own DVD-RAM/R camcorders or DVD set top recorders that support the VR format can edit and write video back to the VR format or convert the video file to a DVD-video format (DVD-R/RW or VCD discs) for more viewing options. Videos can be edited and burned to the same DVD-RAM disc up to 100,000 times without loss of quality.

DVD MovieFactory 2 is currently available in retail stores, catalogs and online stores for an estimated street price of $49.95, while VideoStudio 7 is available for an estimated street price of $99.95. MediaStudio Pro 7 will be available in March 2003 for an estimated street price of $495.

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