InterVideo and Sasem Team Up on Bundle for HDTV on a PC
Posted Mar 25, 2003

InterVideo, Inc. has announced an agreement to bundle its HD Decoder with two of Sasem's HDTV products, the OnAir DTV-2000 and the OnAir DTV-1500, two new bundles that enable consumers to watch HDTV on a PC. The OnAir DTV-2000 and the OnAir DTV-1500, are both available immediately for the Korean HDTV market. The OnAir DTV-2000/1500 are the first commercially available products to use InterVideo's HD Decoder for HDTV applications and supporting the MPEG-2 Main Profile at High Level.

The OnAir DTV-2000/1500 bundles also include a copy of InterVideo's WinDVD, the popular software DVD player, and an application for watching TV.

OnAir DTV-2000/1500 General Specifications:  

• Supports ATSC standard, (HD Stream up to 1920x1080 interlaced and 20Mbps)  
• Supports NTSC
• Supports Composite, S-Video and Stereo Audio Input  
• Supports SPDIF Output through Sound Card  
• Supports NTSC/PAL Video Input
• Real-time D-VHS Recording/Playback (Windows XP only)  
• Supports Digital/Analog Motion Capture & Playback  
• Supports Digital/Analog TV Still Capture (JPEG or BMP file)  
• Supports HD Stream File Play
• Supports Invert Color (Positive mode & Negative mode)  
• Supports DivX and other codecs  
• Supports Close Caption / Deinterlace Mode  
• Supports Stereo Sound (supported on the OnAir DTV 2000 only)

Other Features:  

• Supports Remote Control (Optional) & Girder (  provide plug-in)  
• Supports Wall Paper TV mode (Desktop for TV Window)  
• Supports Zoom In  
• Supports Program & Schedule  
• Supports Normal Screen (4:3), Wide Screen (16:9), Remove Pillar Mode  
• Antenna Input Sensitivity Level (Digital TV only)  
• A/V Extension Cable

The OnAir DTV-2000/1500 requires a Pentium 3 800mHz (or higher) processor with 128MB of RAM (256 recommended), Windows XP, DirectX 8.1 and a VGA slot (works over ATI Radeon 7200 in DxvA mode). It is available immediately.

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