Pinnacle Systems Introduces Liquid Purple Version 5
Posted Apr 1, 2003

Pinnacle Systems, Inc. has announced Liquid purple version 5, a complete software-based networked DV editing and effects solution designed for broadcasters and video professionals. Like Pinnacle's new Edition v5 software, Liquid purple v5 delivers real-time 3D as well as 2D effects, integrated DVD authoring, timesaving background processing, and analog video output. In addition, Liquid purple v5 includes support for Pinnacle's Palladium Store networked storage systems and Vortex networked news sytems for easy deployment in collaborative workflow solutions. Liquid purple v5 can either be deployed as a desktop solution or on a laptop for mobile editing.

Liquid purple v5 is part of the complete line of Pinnacle Liquid networked editors, a family of solutions that includes Liquid blue for multi-format broadcast environments, new Liquid chrome for effects-intensive post settings where time and quality are at a premium, Liquid silver for MPEG-2 post editing, and Liquid purple for networked software-based DV editing applications.

The Pinnacle Liquid product family is sold by a professional value added reseller channel and backed by Pinnacle's professional support team to provide the level of service required by broadcasters and other professional customers.

While Liquid purple v5 shares many basic features with Pinnacle Edition v5, Liquid purple supports additional capabilities designed to meet the specific needs of broadcast applications, including the following:

• Networking features including the ability to play from networked media drives, Pinnacle's Media Access Server protocol for attachment to Palladium Store, Vortex support and XSend to rapidly share files with Pinnacle Thunder servers, and Dekocast graphics systems, as well as third-party server and automation systems
• Broadcast format interoperability including native DVCPRO 25 codecs, RS-422 machine control, MIDI control, Jog/Shuttle control, Sony ClipLink, ALE import/export, and OMFI export
• Broadcast quality FX capabilities such as Liquid CX color correction and Dynamic TimeWarp

In addition, Liquid purple v5 also offers the following key innovations:

• Background processing that renders both real-time and complex, multilayered timelines without interrupting the editor's work—With background processing, the project is done when the editing is done - there is never a need for final rendering
• Direct-from-the timeline DVD authoring whereby the DVD track appears alongside the standard audio and video tracks and enables the user to create and edit graphic menus directly within the Pinnacle Liquid environment—The DVD timeline can be dynamically previewed with full interactivity including remote control simulation
• Analog output of the timeline, including real-time effects, via an NTSC/PAL connection providing users with a full preview of the final resolution and color of the project
• Inclusion of Pinnacle TitleDeko character generator, Commotion image editing and compositing software, Liquid CX color correction, and many other tools to enable editors to do their best work, in less time and at a affordable cost

Liquid purple v5 will be demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas April 7-10, 2002 in the Pinnacle booth LVCC #SU5003.

Suggested retail price of Liquid purple v5 is $1500 for the base software. Palladium, Vortex, Thunder, Dekocast, and Video Out options come at additional charges. Customers of this base software will receive both a PCI 1394 card for desktop installation and a PCMCIA 1394 card for use in a laptop for field operation. For the price of a single license, the user can move easily between the desktop and field version simply by moving the included USB license dongle. A complete networked turnkey system will be offered at $14,995 for networked broadcast operations with included Palladium MAS protocol support, Vortex networked news support, XSend to Thunder/Dekocast as well as analog video output. Users of Pinnacle Edition v5 can upgrade to Liquid purple v5 for a lesser charge.