Carnie Digital Announces Its Successful Launch Using EM3 Technology
Posted Apr 22, 2003

W.A.M. Management Inc. is proud to announce that Carnie Digital, located at, has been successfully launched and is growing fast with a continual flow of artists, labels, and fans joining its family.

The primary focus of Carnie Digital is to provide a secure, fast, legal way for bands, labels, and music lovers to join forces on the Internet and fight piracy.  Using the latest in EM3 (encrypted music files), Carnie Digital provides an ideal site for local and national artists to distribute their music by offering an unprecedented 70% royalty to the artist, free encryption of songs, free extensive and informative web pages for promotion, free signup, and free information updates.

Artists and Fans have found the website very user friendly.  Many of the problems common to other download sites have been eliminated, creating a fresh and enjoyable experience.  Every song on the site can be sampled and extra steps were taken to provide state-of-the-art security control for both the artist's songs and the assured privacy for those who are purchasing them.  Additionally, Carnie Digital is also committed to nurturing the musicians of tomorrow.  Five percent of the net proceeds from every download will be given to children's music charities.