Sony Disc Manufacturing Celebrates 20 Years, Announces SACD Hybrid Production
Posted May 6, 2003

On May 2, Digital Audio Disc Corporation (DADC)/Sony Disc Manufacturing (SDM) marked its 20th anniversary of duplicating optical media including CD, DVD and PlayStation discs. Since its opening in April 1983, the plant in Terre Haute, IN has consistently expanded its production of CDs. In March 1994, the facility was expanded to meet manufacturing needs. In the mid and late nineties, production began on PlayStation(TM) and DVDs. At the celebration, SDM highlighted the installation of a new line to manufacture the hybrid Super Audio CD. Currently, SDM produces approximately 850,000 CDs and 1.1 million DVDs every day.

This week, the plant will begin producing Super Audio CD Hybrid discs, which play in both standard and SACD players. Hybrid SACD discs feature a high-density layer which can provide high-resolution, multichannel surround sound, as well as a two-channel stereo SACD version in addition to a layer with a CD version of the recording. The first SACD hybrid discs produced in Terre Haute will include 15 remasters of classic Bob Dylan albums.