Audible Magic Announces RepliCheck 2.1
Posted May 16, 2003

Audible Magic Corporation, a leading provider of content management and identification services, announced RepliCheck 2.1, an enhanced version of its anti-piracy verification service for copyrighted music and software. RepliCheck 2.1 offers dramatically improved performance, completing identification of a master audio CD in less than 5 minutes, a process that typically took almost 15 minutes with the previous version. The latest release also features active reports that allow one-click launching of applications to review document, image, and video files. In addition, the reports are now organized by file type, allowing users to more easily comply with IRMA recommended processes. For example all ReadMe files are grouped together. RepliCheck has become a de facto standard in U.S. replication facilities, used by companies such as Sanyo, JVC, Q-Media and Eva-Tone among others. RepliCheck 2.1 allows verification of master CDs against a reference database of songs and software titles. This database is updated weekly with new song titles - averaging 5,000-10,000 songs a week—while new software titles are added on an ongoing basis.

Replicheck 2.1 is available immediately. Pricing is based on volume. The service requires a  Windows 2000 or Windows XP computer and an Internet connection.