InterVideo Launches WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV
Posted May 16, 2003

InterVideo, Inc. has announced WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV, a analog/digital video editing solution. WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV combines the flexibility of the ADVE-9011H Analog/Digital Video Capture Combo Board with the features of WinDVD Creator Plus video editing software. The new hardware/software solution enables users to capture video from both analog and digital sources and includes InterVideo's proprietary one-step video editing and creation technology. For minimal wait time, consumers can also use InterVideo's Direct Recording technology to burn the captured video directly to a VCD or DVD that can be played back by most of the CE players in use today.

Equipped with a 1394/FireWire input/output interface, the plug-and-play capture board acts as a bridge for transferring video from analog devices such as DV/D8 camcorders and VCRs to a PC at speeds of up to 400Mb/sec.  By combining the board with video editing software that delivers very fast content creation time and support for all DVD formats, InterVideo has developed a compelling solution for both analog camcorder users and digital camcorder users. .

WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV is compatible with MicrosoftĂ’ WindowsĂ’ 2000 and XP. The complete package includes the InterVideo WinDVD Creator Plus software CD, an ADVE-9011H Analog and Digital Video Capture Combo board with 4 cables (1394, S-Video, RCA and Audio), the associated drivers and a user manual. WinDVD Creator Plus AVDV has an MSRP of $129.