Flexplay Introduces 'EZ-D,' The 48 Hour DVD
Posted May 20, 2003

Flexplay Technologies, Inc, a privately held company based in New York, today announced that Buena Vista Home Entertainment Division of The Walt Disney Company will use its flexible play DVD technology to make movies available to consumers in test markets beginning this August. The introduction of this product, branded "EZ-D," will include BVHE titles The Recruit, Rabbit Proof Fence, The Hot Chick, 25th Hour, Heaven, Equilibrium, Frida and Signs.

EZ-D will incorporate Flexplay's proprietary flexible play technology into a standard DVD. A Flexplay enabled DVD is similar to a conventional DVD, except that it has a 48 hour viewing window that begins when the disc is removed from its packaging. Consumers will then be able to enjoy the movie as many times as they wish during this time frame. After 48 hours, the DVD will no longer be readable by the DVD player and can then be recycled. A Flexplay enabled DVD works in all players, DVD drives and gaming systems designed to accept a standard DVD. GE Plastics has been a key strategic collaborator in the advancement of Flexplay's proprietary technologies, developing a new patented Lexan resin co-polymer essential to the flexible play design.