SmartSound Reduces Price of Music and Audio CDs
Posted May 30, 2003

SmartSound Software has announced a reduction in the price of CDs from its library of royalty-free audio content, making it more affordable for users to add new CDs to their existing collection of SmartSound music. The price of Professional CDs has been reduced from $129 to $99.95, and the price of Multimedia CDs has been reduced from $69 to $49.95.  Each CD contains approximately 15-20 pieces of original, royalty-free music. When used with SmartSound products such as Sonicfire Pro 3.0 and Movie Maestro, the user can create professional-quality soundtracks that add drama and punch to any visual media project.

SmartSound audio CDs are available for use with Movie Maestro and the new Sonicfire Pro 3.0, launched last month. Among the new features of Sonicfire Pro 3.0 is the ability to preview, purchase and download single audio tracks from the SmartSound library - even tracks they don't own - for immediate use. A 44k track can be purchased for $19.95, making a great option for users under a tight deadline or needing a special piece for a project.