Kano Brings Compact, Plug-and-Play RAID Storage to PC and Mac Desktops
Posted Jun 3, 2003

Kano Technologies has introduced its SureVAULT desktop RAID storage systems.  The SureVAULT RAID Desktop Mirrored Solution writes data simultaneously to two drives, creating and maintaining a constant mirror-image of all data.  The SureVAULT RAID Desktop Solution stripes data to three drives simultaneously.  Both systems feature USB 2.0 or FireWire 1394A connections and the latest generation IDE hard disk drives.  Both are portable, very easy to install, use hot-swappable drive bays, and provide RAID's fast, secure and reliable performance.

In case of drive failure, SureVAULT automatically switches operations to the remaining drive, and gives a visual and audible alert.  Without shutting down the desktop, the
user can slide in a replacement Kano SureDRIVE.  Then, SureVAULT immediately and automatically rebuilds the data while the user continues to use the desktop.

All Kano products feature exclusive, custom-designed industrial enclosures that minimize vibrations and dust infiltration.  Each chassis has high-volume, low-noise fan ventilation, specially engineered to maintain the optimum operating temperature for maximum drive life and dependability.  All enclosures are CE-certified and UL-approved.