SAI announces Blu-ray Disc File System Developer Toolkit
Posted Jun 17, 2003

Software Architects, Inc., supplier of disk drive utilities that use the Universal Disk Format (UDF), announced the commercial release of its Blu-ray Disc File System developer toolkit for MS Windows. Targeted at developers of video and data storage applications, version 1.0 provides developers with an API to the file system and related formatting code.  

The toolkit allows application developers to format media to the Blu-ray File System format, read, write, append and erase files and handle all operations required to support removable optical media in Windows environments. The toolkit API includes over 100 calls to the file system and formatter.

Targeted at next-generation Blue Laser optical discs, the toolkit supports most removable media types, including recordable DVD.

The Blu-ray Disc Founders Group specifies Blu-ray Disc File System format files for use on
new high-capacity video recorders that use "blue laser" writing technology. Most blue laser-based, high-capacity consumer video recorders are expected to use this format, which is optimized for handling future high definition digital video broadcasts and recordings.  This format is completely different than the UDF format currently used on all DVD video disks and recordable DVD media.  

Developer License Pricing starts at  $15,000.00. Support for Win 98 & ME available in July 2003. Win 2000 & XP support available in August 2003.