InterVideo Releases Two New Versions of WinDVD 5; Adds Audio Booster and Centrino Packs.
Posted Jun 20, 2003

InterVideo, Inc. has announced the release of WinDVD 5, the latest version of its software for DVD playback on a PC. InterVideo has also unveiled two new add-on packs that enable users to customize WinDVD playback capabilities. The Audio Booster Pack enhances users' listening experience by delivering surround sound and increased user control. The Centrino Pack enables extended battery life when playing DVDs on Intel lower-powered laptop CPUs such as Centrino.

New capabilities now available with both WinDVD Gold 5 and WinDVD Platinum 5 include:

--  Movie Encyclopedia: A searchable database of movie facts that detects the DVD that is playing and shows information on the movie, actors, director, etc. Movie Encyclopedia also allows users to add information to the database as new titles become available or if a movie isn't in the system.
--  Hyper-threading Support: With optimizations for Intel's Hyper-threading technology, WinDVD customers can now watch DVDs while working on their computer or surfing the Web.
--  Enhanced Playback Features: Users can create their own playlists with audio tracks or video files from DVDs, VCDs, SVCDs and CDs. They can bookmark favorite DVDsand save them as a file (.bmk) that can be exported or archived, or grab a screen captureof a cool image and save it as wallpaper or email.

WinDVD Platinum 5 offers many features that are not included in the standard Gold edition. In addition to DivX support, gamma correction, and a host of video effects, WinDVD Platinum has advanced audio functionalities including Dolby Virtual Speaker Technology, a technology that replicates , 5.1 surround sound with only two speakers, and support for DSP Audio Effects, Dolby EX, Dolby Pro Logic II, and Dolby Headphone technology. With 96-kHz/24-bit audio decode support, WinDVD Platinum consumers can also enjoy high-quality audio.

New features that have been added to WinDVD Platinum 5 include:

--  Progressive De-interlacing: a state-of-the-art algorithm that creates a smooth, clear display of interlaced video content originally meant for the TV on a progressive device, such as a PC monitor, an LCD panel, or a plasma display.
--  Stackable Video Effects: WinDVD 5 offers a number of Video Effects to enhance the picture quality such as Sharpness and Cinema Effector that is designed to produce clearer video for better looking movies. And now, the image can be customized with the ability to apply multiple effects simultaneously.
--  Optimized Display Presets for a TV/LCD/Monitor/Projector: WinDVD offers display settings for different viewing scenarios that can make the display more appealing.
In addition to the new Movie Encyclopedia database and support for Hyper-threading and bookmarks, WinDVD Gold 5 now includes many of the high-end features that were previously only available with WinDVD Platinum. These features include:

--  Consolidated Browser: Helps users keep track of captured images and favorite bookmarks
--  LanguageMate: An edutainment feature that helps users learn a new language while they're watching their favorite movies
--  Video Docking: Lets users dock the GUI to the toolbar for an unobstructed view while watching a DVD
--  Windows Media Audio (WMA) Format Support
--  Full TV Color Adjustments: Features designed to make adjusting picture brightness and contrast easy and intuitive

Audio Booster Pack

With InterVideo's new Audio Booster Pack, both Gold and Platinum WinDVD 5 users can create a customized home theater experience with advanced technologies such as SRS TruSurround XT. In addition to delivering virtual surround sound over just two speakers or headphones, TruSurround XT includes SRS TruBass for a more theater-like bass response, and SRS Dialog Clarity for crisper, clearer dialog. TruSurround XT also creates 3D audio from mono and stereo material.

Centrino Pack

InterVideo's new Centrino Pack is designed to help users extend the battery life and playback time of mobile PCs featuring Intel's new Centrino technology and other Intel laptop CPUs.

WinDVD Gold 5 has a suggested list price of $49.95. For a limited time, InterVideo is offering WinDVD Platinum 5 with a special introductory offer of only $79.95 -- a savings of $20.00 off the suggested list price.   The Audio Booster Pack for enhancing WinDVD Gold's 2-channel audio has a suggested list price of $24.95. The Centrino Pack for enhanced battery life and playback on lower-powered CPUs such as Centrino has a suggested list price of $39.95.