PRISMIQ Announces 802.11g Wi-Fi Support for PRISMIQ MediaPlayer
Posted Jun 24, 2003

PRISMIQ, Inc, announced availability of 802.11a/g Wi-Fi support for the PRISMIQ MediaPlayer entertainment gateway.  With this latest software upgrade, the PRISMIQ MediaPlayer is the first consumer set-top box to enable DVD-quality video over Wi-Fi.

Offering a multitude of digital entertainment options, the PRISMIQ MediaPlayer enables consumers to use TVs, stereos, and entertainment centers anywhere in the house to easily play MP3s, video files, and Internet radio, view digital photos, surf the Web, chat online, and enjoy broadband services.

The 54 Mbps bandwidth available with 802.11g Wi-Fi allows PRISMIQ MediaPlayer users to stream high-quality video files from the PC to the TV. The PCMCIA/Cardbus card slot on the backpanel of the PRISMIQ MediaPlayer provides customers with an easy way to upgrade to 802.11g with the addition of a supported card.  The MediaPlayer also includes a standard 10/100 Ethernet port, for those who prefer a wired connection.

Leveraging the home network and the Internet, the PRISMIQ MediaPlayer works in conjunction with companion MediaManager Windows-compliant software running on a networked PC.  The MediaManager software detects and manages suitable digital files located anywhere on the home network, and serves those files to the MediaPlayer to be played on the TV or stereo.

With no monthly service fees, the PRISMIQ MediaPlayer is software upgradeable, with future product features and functionality to be made available via free software upgrades.  The PRISMIQ MediaPlayer is now available for a list price of $249.95.