Muse.Net Debuts, Providing Access to Digital Media Files from Any Internet Connection
Posted Jun 27, 2003

Muse.Net Debuts, Providing Access to Digital Media Files from Any Internet Connection

Former principals of Nullsoft, makers of the Winamp MP3 player, announced the launch of Muse.Net, a service that enables complete access and control of digital audio or video files from any Web browser, media player or Internet PC.

By installing the Muse.Net Agent on any broadband-connected PC, users can listen to their home MP3s at work, watch movies stored on their office PC in their living room or access all of their digital media anytime and anywhere they are connected to the Internet.

Unlike other online digital media or music subscription services, Muse.Net works with user's existing personal digital media collection, providing all of the access, playback and control services without the lock-ins, limitations or costs of those services. Users rip their CDs to MP3s, play them back from their PCs over a broadband connection to other PCs and devices without any interference or limitation.

Because Muse.Net is a single-login system, allowing only one signed-in account user at a time to access his or her personal media collection. It does not allow file sharing nor does it promote or support piracy. Muse.Net does not copy user's files to their servers. A stranger will never download, listen to or view user's media via Muse.Net.

In addition, the Muse.Net service integrates within AOL's Winamp2 and Winamp3, two dominant desktop media players, and will soon integrate into Windows Media Player and others. Muse.Net is also licensed and custom-branded through major distribution partnerships including DivX, as part of its Mastermind service, and is also available directly to users under the Muse.Net brand.