NovaStor Adds Windows Server 2003 and USB/FireWire Support in New Release of NovaXchange and TapeCopy Products
Posted Jun 27, 2003

NovaStor Corporation announces support of Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 and USB/FireWire connected tape drives in the latest releases of its legacy products, NovaXchange v3.1 and TapeCopy v2.1. These upgrades also provide considerably improved support for IDE/ATAPI tape drives.

NovaXchange v3.1 includes powerful tape handling and data management software utilities for Windows platforms, with the ability to manipulate all types of data stored on hard drives or virtually any type of tape media. NovaXchange can even exchange data between different hardware architectures and operating systems. NovaXchange reads and writes various formats including Fixed Length, IBM or ANSI variable length and even undefined tape record formats. NovaXchange also reads and writes IBM or ANSI Labeled or Unlabeled tapes, translates EBCDIC to ASCII and ASCII to EBCDIC.

TapeCopy 2.1 moves existing data from one tape format to another. It can duplicate any tape with a SCSI or IDE/ATAPI tape device, or even create an image of a tape to a disk file.

TapeCopy functions with one or more tape drives for easy data migration and duplication. New TapeCopy v2.1 Library Edition gives you the ability to utilize autoloaders and tape libraries. With one tape drive TapeCopy 2.1 provides easy tape duplication; with more than one tape drive, it provides automated tape format and data migration capabilities.