PowerFile, Inc. Launches One-Terabyte Optical Storage Library for MAC OS X
Posted Jul 22, 2003

PowerFile Inc, a provider of optical storage library solutions, announced the immediate availability of optical storage libraries available for Mac OS X: the C200 MFX and R200 MFX. The new MFX products are priced between $2,799 - $4,799 (MSRP).

PowerFile's read-only solution, the C200 MFX, allows a user to archive, catalog and access up to 200 existing DVD/CD's for access over a network. The read-write PowerFile R200 MFX libraries allow users to publish, archive, catalog and access almost a terabyte of data per unit. The MediaFinder X (MFX) software that comes bundled with the PowerFile C200 and R200, allows users to store and catalog almost any type of DVD/CD easily while providing fast access to those files on the host computer or over a LAN/WAN. The new products are also compatible with most other Mac content management solutions including Cumulus from Canto and Portfolio from Extensis.
The new PowerFile MFX products offer:

* High Capacity - Each PowerFile Library can hold almost a terabyte of optical storage.
* Scalability - A 19" rack mount design and capacity that can scale from 1-5TB's per FireWire (IEEE-1394) connection. Up to 5 units can be daisy-chained to offer up 4.7TB of reliable optical storage capacity.
* Affordability - PowerFile libraries are the most cost effective on the market and the only to support OS X.
* Exclusive Cross-Platform Support - Using an OS X server, share the PowerFile library with Mac OS X, Apple-Share, Windows (CIFS), Unix (NFS), and FTP clients. No client software is required!
* Perfect complement to Apple(r) Xserve RAIDTM and Xserve
* Easy-to-Use - Plug in the library and it appears right on the desktop!
* Automated Disc Management - Discs automatically mount and un-mount as needed.
* Easy Administration - Manage discs by control-clicking on them in the Finder, and work with your PowerFile as if it were a hard drive.
* Easy Configuration- Change the library settings in Mac OS X System Preferences.
* Improved Security Features - Library contents may have Mac OS X user/group privileges assigned to them.
* Easy Catalog and Fast Access - Directory cache is automatically maintained using an included license for DiskTracker for Mac OS X from Portents.
* Integration with Other Mac OS X Applications - The new products are compatible with other Mac applications including Cumulus from Canto and Portfolio from Extensis.