CyberLink to Introduce Disc Defragmentation for DVD Media In PowerProducer 2
Posted Jul 25, 2003

CyberLink Corp. has introduced disc a defragmentation utility, which moves all of the content on a DVD to one location so that the total free space on the disc is available for burning video. This utility is currently available in PowerProducer 2.

The disc defragmentation feature supports editable disc format on DVD +/- RW and has data reading efficiency, maximizes free space usage and smoothens playback quality.
PowerProducer 2, an easy-to-use software for producing Movies and Photos on DVDs and CDs. Targeted at the consumer level, PowerProducer is a wizard-style software and features an intuitive user interface includes SVRT, Smart Video Rendering Technology, to speed up the rendering process and keep
the original quality, Disc Defragmentation to optimize disk space, Editable DVDs function to allow users to work on new projects from existing work, Right-to-Disc Recording and Direct DSC support to convert files directly from digital camcorders/digital cameras to DVDs without buffering to hard disk.

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