PERFECTV and On2 Technologies, Inc, Partner to Deliver Real-Time On Demand DVD-Quality VOD
Posted Aug 5, 2003

PERFECTV, a division of Gatelinx Corporation and provider of video on demand (VOD) solutions, has formed an alliance with On2 Technologies, Inc. The integration of PERFECTV's Video On Demand (VOD) systems and the ON2 VP6 Codec, PERFECTV says, will provide customers with cost-effective, on demand DVD-quality video directly to their TV set.

The planned integration will offer robust VOD to the television set, according to PERFECTV, without requiring consumers to wait for downloads or reconfigure home-networking hardware. PERFECTV customers can select from vast video libraries supplied by content providers, who know that their video assets are protected through a state-of-the-art digital rights management system.

Unlike VOD systems that work only on computers, and relay a substantial loss in quality, PERFECTV's Gatelinx-enabled peer-to-peer networking
topography is designed to provide DVD-quality video exclusively to a viewer's TV set. This gives the viewer the ability to play, stop, pause, resume, rewind, and fast forward videos, without having to rent DVDs, pay late fees, or wait for new releases from their local video store or mail order club.

This new service will operate both throughout the United States and

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