Rimage Announces Support for Smarte Solutions' Next Generation Piracy Management Technology
Posted Aug 15, 2003

Rimage Corporation, a leading provider of integrated CD/DVD publishing solutions, and Smarte Solutions, Inc., a leader in piracy management solutions, have announced the availability of the SmarteCD Enablement solution for use with the Rimage line of CD-R publishing products.  The two companies will leverage availability of this feature to drive sales within the media publishing system and piracy management software markets, respectively.

The software-only feature enables Rimage systems to efficiently produce authorized titles with Smarte Solutions copy protection, in a variety of environments, including software publishers, fulfillment houses, on-demand retail and kiosk delivery systems. These authorized duplicates can be created using standard CD-R media.

Publishers can now create secure master discs using SmarteSECUREâ„¢? and SmarteMANAGERâ„¢?, then use SmarteCD-enabled Rimage systems to quickly produce any number of secure duplicates for use in testing, preview, beta programs and on-demand production - saving time and resources while ensuring process security.

Fulfillment houses are now able to swiftly turnaround duplication orders on SmarteCD-enabled Rimage systems directly from media masters supplied by their customers who are using Smarte Solutions - increasing margins while expanding customer bases.

On-demand retail and kiosk delivery systems built around Rimage publishing units can now offer Smarte Solutions' suite of piracy management products to their publishing clients to burn piracy-managed products (i.e. software, music CDs, etc.) at the point of sale.  Combine these copy protection capabilities with the Everest II off-set quality print technology, standard on all Rimage Producer II publishers, and in-store delivery systems can now create discs with all the attributes of mass produced titles -- secure copies of the software and game titles with full-color, indelible surface printing of photographic quality.

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