TRITTON Technologies To Distribute DVD CopyWare, Bundle With Viper DVD+R/RW Drives
Posted Aug 15, 2003

TRITTON Technologies announced that it will distribute Redxpress' DVD CopyWare in North America.  DVD CopyWare is extremely powerful, affordable and easy-to-use and allows consumers to backup their entire DVD collection, including DeCSS encoded movies without any loss in audio or video quality. It is available today through and other top technology catalogs and computer retail stores for $59.99 MSRP.  TRITTON will also bundle the software with its popular line of Viper internal and external DVD+R/RW recordable drives.

DVD CopyWare offers a simple point and click DVD backup solution allowing consumers and video professionals to protect their home movies, motion pictures and other DVD video assets in the case of damage, loss, or theft.  Users simply launch DVD CopyWare, insert the DVD they wish to copy and click "backup."  The software offers a back-up choice of complete DVD-to-hard disk transfer or an incremental DVD caching process. With its unique, integrated 'Click and Burn' technology, the software makes it easy for users to select or omit special features and language options and then burn an exact, crystal clear copy with no data loss and no compression in less than one hour.  Final DVD productions can be viewed on most home, computer and portable DVD players.

TRITTON will bundle DVD CopyWare with its line of Viper DVD+R/RW recordable drives. The Viper TRI-066x is a 4x internal IDE DVD burner that lists for $299. The Viper TRI-064x is a 4x external DVD recorder that lists for $399. The Viper TRI-044x DVD drive connects via USB 2.0 and FireWire (IEEE1394/iLink).  Both drives also ships with Pinnacle Systems Instant CD/DV software.