Sharp Ships New 37-Inch 16:9 LCD Monitor
Posted Sep 12, 2003

Sharp Electronics has shipped the LC-M3700, a 37-inch LCD video monitor available for an MSRP of $7995. This marks Sharp's inaugural entry into the market of professional LCD video/data monitors.  Sharp electronics is the U.S. sales and marketing subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, a worldwide participant in liquid crystal display (LCD) technology.

The LC-M3700 is designed with tamper-proof
security features and wide viewing angles, according to Sharp, and   is compatible with digital television input signals, PCs, and multiple computer resolutions.  The LC-M3700 incorporates component video inputs and provides optimal viewing for video sources from HDTV signals to DVDs. When paired with television inputs, the LC-M3700 offers a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio and 1366 native resolution for HDTV display.  The monitor contains a non-glare screen, offering low reflectivity, and delivers a contrast ratio of 800:1. With a 170 degree viewing angle, a picture can be seen from a variety of areas.

TheLC-M3700's backlight has a 60,000-hour life, nearly double the life expectancy of similarly sized plasma models.  Unlike plasma displays and some competitive LCD models, the LC-M3700 contains a replaceable backlight, serving to indefinitely extend the unit's life. It also features a Black TFT/Bright Pixel Elimination function that ensures the invisibility of failed pixels.  The LC-M3700 offers low reflectivity, which heightens the perceived image contrast when viewed in a well-lit space.  Higher contrast allows viewers to discern details they might otherwise miss in dark scenes.

Measuring 38.3" (W) by 24" (H) by 3.9-" (D), and weighing less than 44 lbs, the LC-M3700 is intended for use in integrated information systems. The monitor is backed by a one-year parts and labor warranty.

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