Canopus Unveils ProCoder 2.0 and Expands Digital Media Converters with ADVC100
Posted Sep 19, 2003

Canopus Corporation unveils the ProCoder 2.0, an update to the company's professional video transcoding software tool. New features in ProCoder 2.0 increase format compatibility and boost productivity by streamlining the transcoding process. They include Flash export capabilities that allow users to convert video formats to Flash graphics for use on the Internet and support MPEG-4 through DivX Pro.  DivXPro is a new wizard that simplifies the transcoding process while retaining the highest possible image quality.  This is a new job-queuing feature that streamlines the production workflow by scheduling transcoding jobs to run in succession. A "watch folders" feature provides automatic conversion when files are placed in specific folders.

ProCoder is a stand-alone transcoding software tool for Windows-based computers that supports all popular video formats. It features Canopus's DV codec and MPEG technologies. ProCoder is targeted at video, DVD production, and Internet content-creation professionals. Designed for speed and flexibility, ProCoder is a transcoding software tool for video professionals who encounter multiple video formats on a regular basis. Supporting all popular video formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Windows Media, RealVideo, QuickTime, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft DirectShow, Microsoft Video for Windows, Microsoft DV and Canopus DV, ProCoder makes it easy to quickly convert video between formats.  It also employs video and audio filters to enhance the quality of converted output.

ProCoder 2.0 will be available fall 2003 through Canopus and authorized dealers for a suggested retail price of $499. Special upgrade pricing for registered users of ProCoder will be announced closer to ship date. ProCoder supports Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, and Windows XP Professional operating systems. Fully optimized for Intel Pentium 4 processor, ProCoder also supports Intel Pentium II, as well as the AMD K6, AMD Duron and AMD Athlon processors.

Canopus Corporation also announced the release of ADVC1000, a bi-directional DV/SDI (Serial Digital Interface) video converter.  It is designed for the high-end professional market, including broadcast and postproduction facilities. ADVC1000 comes in a rack-mountable breakout box configuration, featuring convenient digital video and audio connections, as well as RS-422 deck control via FireWire.  Supporting Windows and Mac OS, ADVC1000 can also operate as a standalone converter.

ADVC1000 features Canopus' proven DV codec technology, found in the full line of Canopus DV capture cards and Advanced Digital Video Converters. In addition, the ADVC1000 includes genlock support for superior image stability. On the audio front, ADVC1000 supports locked audio during conversion, assuring audio and video synchronization, as well as AES/EBU audio for professional applications. ADVC1000 also boasts VITC and LTC time-code support and preservation during conversions.

The ADVC1000 will be available November 2003 from Canopus authorized dealers for a suggested retail price of $1999.