New Aurora Pipe From Aurora Video Systems Provides Cost-Effective Solution Designed for Apple's RT Extreme Engine
Posted Sep 19, 2003

Aurora Video Systems announced the release of the new Aurora Pipe video capture and editing card.  It is designed specifically to take advantage of Apple's RT Extreme capabilities while utilizing all of Final Cut Pro's real-time effects. Integrating with Final Cut Pro and After Effects, Aurora Pipe provides a low-cost, easy-to-use solution for offline editors.  It is suited for those working with uncompressed applications that do not require the power of hardware-accelerated real-time effects. Aurora Pipe, priced at $799 and immediately available, is the first in a family of products that Aurora is developing to take advantage of new technologies such as RT Extreme.

Because Aurora Pipe is a true QuickTime solution designed for the Mac OS, no third-party software is necessary for previewing video in applications other than Final Cut Pro. In addition to moving data from Final Cut Pro and putting it on-screen, Aurora Pipe provides real-time preview compatibility with both After Effects and Discreet's Combustion.

Aurora's newest card offers composite and S-video I/O and 16 bit, 48 kHz, dual-channel RCA unbalanced audio. The synchronization between the Macintosh desktop and NTSC/PAL video display provided by True Color Filtering enhances colorspace conversion. Both upper- and lower-field PAL are supported without any rendering required to operate in an upper-field-first PAL timeline. Single and dual-field playback control provides an image for color correcting or graphics editing. A genlock signal can be used to ensure quality synchronization with external
equipment. Aurora's Open Video Technology permits simple and regular driver updates ultimately enabling quick access to the newest features and functions.