M-Systems' Smart DiskOnKey Platform Now Offers CD-R Functionality with New Autorun and Read-Only Features
Posted Sep 23, 2003

M-Systems' Smart DiskOnKey platform now includes additional functionality with the introduction of new autorun and read-only features.  These features allow the DiskOnKey device to emulate CD-R capability, while improving the portability and ruggedness CDs lack.

Once the device is inserted in the USB port, autorun formats the DiskOnKey to automatically execute files.  Examples include launching a Web site, demonstration application, such as a flash presentation, or a sales tool that initializes when the device is plugged in.  Uses for the read-only partition include eBooks or instruction and installation manuals for products and services.  Files stored on the read-only partition are protected against accidental or intentional deletion.

Content for both features is provided by M-Systems' partners. They may be installed either by the partner, or pre-installed by M-Systems during the manufacturing process.  Both functions are supported by current versions of the Windows operating system including 2000, XP, and ME.  Read-only files can also be read with Mac operating systems.  The capabilities will be available beginning November 2003.