Alera Technologies New CD Copy Cruiser with Cruise Control 100
Posted Oct 7, 2003

Alera Technologies, developer and manufacturer of DVD and CD Recording Solutions unveils its new 1:1 CD Copy Cruiser with a new duplicator controller, Cruiser Control 100, which provides you with the choice of quick, one touch copies or comprehensive professional control features at your finger tips. CD Copy Cruiser is a 52x stand alone, desktop, one to one CD duplicator with a CD-ROM, a 52x CD-Recorder and our Cruiser Control 100 duplicator controller all in one unit. It can duplicate a typical 650MB data CD in as few as 2 minutes, or it can copy individual tracks from your music CDs creating "Favorite Hits" discs for an uncluttered listening experience. It is the only 1:1 stand alone duplicator equipped with a menu of controls and diagnostics for more advanced work.

Alera Technologies, innovator of Prosumers' Choice products, has designed the CD Copy Cruiser with its Cruise Control 100 professional CD Duplicator Controller to put users in control. Cruise Control 100 has a new back-lighted LCD display that reports percent complete and other status elements during the duplicator process. You can adjust speeds and other copy functions, verify the copies after they are made, simulate the copy process without actually burning media, and much more, with a complete menu of tools necessary for making successful copies and improving yields. Or you can simply push "Copy" for a quick duplicate disc. The new CD Copy Cruiser is available for $299.