DivXNetworks Licenses Industry Leading Video Compression Technology to SnapStream for PVR Software
Posted Oct 14, 2003

DivXNetworks, Inc., the company that created the patent-pending DivX video compression technology, and SnapStream Media Inc., a developer of digital entertainment products, announced a technology licensing and marketing partnership.  This partnership is set to bring DivX video to SnapStream Personal Video Station, personal video recording software enabling users to compress and playback television content in DivX Video directly on their PCs.

Additionally, the two companies will work together to market the DivX-powered Personal Video Station to the global community of DivX users. DivX video compression technology as a video encoder / decoder reduces encoded video file size with hardly any loss of picture quality.

Personal Video Station 3 is a PVR/DVR that allows PC users to record, watch, and playback television broadcasts on a variety of devices. A free electronic programming guide (EPG) also lets users schedule recordings, even when they are away from home. The recorded shows can then be viewed on any PC via the home network, downloaded onto handheld Pocket PCs, or streamed through the Internet. Personal Video Station software competes with products such as Windows XP Media Center Edition and TiVo.

(http://www.divxnetworks.com), (http://www.snapstream.com)