Nero Digital Set to Raise the Stakes in MPEG-4 Video and Audio Compression
Posted Oct 31, 2003

Nero will integrate the new Nero Digital MPEG-4 video and audio codec's into Nero Recode, included in the free PowerPack upgrade for the Nero 6.0 Retail box. Designed for optimum compatibility with the ISO/14496-2/3 MPEG-4 standard, the Nero Digital MPEG-4 A/V codecs feature the utmost speed and quality video coding algorithms and full High Efficiency AAC in MPEG audio.

With DVD quality at only 20 percent of the space, Nero Digital video codec supports the most popular simple and advanced MPEG-4 visual profiles, and can decode all other MPEG-4 implementations. The Nero Digital audio codec is built on Ahead's proven proficiency in AAC technology, but goes much further with significant efficiency and quality enhancements. A key core component of MPEG- 4, High Efficiency AAC in MPEG audio is an incomparable bandwidth extension technique allowing bit rates to be considerably reduced with no definable quality loss.

Nero Recode is both a re-quantizing and transcoding application, and is a world's first in its class. Non-protected DVD-Video discs and DVD folders, including DVD-9 titles, can be re-authored in MPEG-2 by re-processing the MPEG streams. The user can choose to keep the menu structure of the source DVD or re-author a DVD from one or more DVD-Video titles. In addition, Nero Recode features the ability to convert DVD titles into Nero Digital, making it possible to fit an entire movie onto a CD with virtually no perceivable loss in audio or video quality. A unique video and audio preview with expanded window view and full screen mode includes Dolby Digital audio preview (DTS preview through S/PDIF). Also a watch-while-you-burn mode allows you to enjoy the movie in full screen video and multi-channel audio while copying a complete DVD, re-authoring a DVD or converting DVDs to Nero Digital.